Guitar Tricks Song Request Form
Want us to add a specific new song to our song library? You're in the right place!  Please read the information below and then you will be able to tell us which song you'd like us to add. Thank you!

Guitar Tricks is Legal
All our songs lessons are fully licensed by the publishers/artists who own them. When you use Guitar Tricks you are using a completely legal service that respects the rights of the people who make great songs.

Each Song Needs Approval 
Every time we teach a song on Guitar Tricks it has to be fully approved by the publisher/artist. That means that we first have to figure out who owns the song, then we have to ask them, then they either say yes or no or maybe later. If it's yes, then we wait for the actual paperwork, which can take a while also.

Lessons Take a Long Time to Make 
After a song is approved, we have to find the right instructor, give him/her time to prepare, create a backing track, film the lesson, edit the video, transcribe the song, and publish it on the site. So if you need to learn a song for a gig next month, and we don't have it already done, we can't help you prepare for that gig. It just isn't that quick of a process.

We Know Which Songs Most People Want 
We know there is a sizable audience for "Stairway to Heaven" so it isn't necessary for you to ask us to get it. We are already trying to get it. But if you want songs from a less well-known band with great guitar, please let us know. It might be we just need a reminder of how great that band really is.
Request A Song!
Please list the artist and song title for each song you'd like to request, in the box below.

For example:
Eagles: Hotel California
Rolling Stones: Paint it Black
Thanks for submitting your request! We will work hard to get the best songs we can, but can't ever guarantee that we will get a particular song.
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